Flamin' Harry and the Roadhouse Rockers

The Rev. Flamin' Harry. His dues are paid in full. After 40 years of performing he's getting his due. He invented the phrase "the rockin' Blues". Now known as Blues rock. He's not 16 and he doesn't play a strat. Before Stevie Ray, Kenny Wayne, and Johnny Lang there was the Real Deal, the Lean, Mean Rockin' Blues Machine! The Rev. Flamin' Harry. Now with the Roadhouse Rockers. A Blues Rock power trio that defines the word! ...Ron Van Hart, Heavy Heat Records.

Eugene Pitts of Audio Magazine just reviewed Hot, Blue & Righteous and he says " A for Sound, A for Performance!" "Blaze Guitar Work!" " Adrenaline rush with the hair on the back of my neck stickin' straight up!" " Move over Slowhand (Clapton), Flamin' Harry's here!"

"Hot, Blue and Righteous"

Track List 1.Mess With Me * 2.I'll Play The Blues For You 3.Gypsy Love * 4.Don't Throw Good Love After Bad * 5.My Baby Bought A Ticket * 6.Help Me 7.Love That's True * 8.Route 66 9.Life Under The Gun * 10.Ain't Nobody * 11.Rude Shoes * 12.Hot American Steel * * Original tracks


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"Back Trackin", The Best of Flamin' Harry CD

"Life Under The Gun", "Rude Shoes", "Fire On Main Street" now on CD!!

"Blues Cruise" Flamin' Harry Blues Compilation CD

"The Lost Electric Lady Sessions" Soon to be released on CD!

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