1968"I Won by World War Three( Harry played Guitar,EP)
1978 "Y'all Have a real Good Time/Memphis" (Asbestus Rec 33rpm EP)
1978 "Flamin' Harry Blues Band"(Asbestus, rec at Electric Lady Studios, NYC)
1980 "Fire On Main Street" (Moguel Rec, live at John & Peters, New Hope, Pa LP)
1982 "Ride On/Whiskey & Women" (Heavy Heat Rec 45 RPM)
1986 "Rude Shoes/Tore Up" (Heavy Heat Rec45 RPM)
1986 "Smokey Burnouts/Here Comes That Fatman With The Raindeer" (Heavy Heat Rec45 RPM)
1987 "Flamin' Harry, Rude Shoes"(Heavy Heat, LP) (
Slide Guitar Solo.wav )
1987 "Rude Shoes"(Radio Remix,EP)
1988 "Life Under The Gun"(Golden Guru, LP)
1990 "Harley Rendevous Videos"(Harley Rendevous)
1991 "The Great Escape"(Easyriders Video No 13)
1996 "Hot, Blue and Righteous"(Heavy Heat, CD)
1998 "Green Room Blues" Compilation CD(Green Room Records)
1999 "Back Trackin" The Best of Flamin' Harry (Heavy Heat CD)
2000 "Life Under The Gun" (Heavy Heat) CD
2001 "Rude Shoes" (Heavy Heat) CD
2001 "Fire On Main Street" (Heavy Heat) CD
2001 "Blues Cruise" (Heavy Heat) CD
2001 Bucks County Blues Society CD"Live At Blue Thursday!'

2015 The Flame is now working on a new CD as well as a Solo CD


Flamin' Harry! on HEAVY HEAT RECORDS

"Hot, Blue and Righteous"

Track List 1.Mess With Me * 2.I'll Play The Blues For You 3.Gypsy Love * 4.Don't Throw Good Love After Bad * 5.My Baby Bought A Ticket * 6.Help Me 7.Love That's True * 8.Route 66 9.Life Under The Gun * 10.Ain't Nobody * 11.Rude Shoes * 12.Hot American Steel * * Original tracks


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This weeks wav. file is from Hot,Blue and Righteous. ( rudeshoe.wav) (illplaybluessolo.wav)


The New Best of Flamin' Harry CD





Rude Shoes, Fire On Main Street, Blues Cruise and SOON the Lost Electric Lady Sessions!


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"Harley Rendevous Videos"(Harley Rendevous) Several videos with both live performances and audio.
"The Great Escape"(Easyriders Video No 13)

Coming SOON FHB Live at the Spectrum on video and DVD!


The FHB has apeared on many stations across the country.


George Thorogood called Harry "the most underrated guitar player in North America."

Jon Takiff, music critic for the Philadelphia Daily News says "The Flamin' Harry Band has a sound coherent of the classic trios like Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience."

Jack Lloyd of the Philadelphia Inquirer gave Harry's last record a FOUR STAR RAVE REVIEW saying "this album makes Harry's unit the hottest band to come out of the Philadelphia area since George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers."

Eugene Pitts of Audio Magazine just reviewed Hot, Blue & Righteous and he says " A for Sound, A for Performance!" "Blaze Guitar Work!" " Adrenaline rush with the hair on the back of my neck stickin' straight up!" " Move over Slowhand (Clapton), Flamin' Harry's he

"Flamin' Harry taught me how to play Guitar!" says Tommy Conwell.

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*****"Hot Blue and Righteous" available in CD , "Back Trackin" the Best of Flamin' Harry available in CD*****

"Life Under The Gun" "Rude Shoes", "Fire On Main Street" FH Live and "Blues Cruise" Now available on CD!!!